DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

One of the things that never fails to give us feelings of awe and relaxation are the stars at night. Kids’ eyes always light up everytime they see stars and they often visibly calm down.

Which is why a constellation lighting in your kids’ bedroom would be a great idea to help them to get to sleep. Kids are just so full of energy that it can be hard to settle them for bedtime!

This DIY constellation jar lamp is very easy to do and, of course, inexpensive. So try making one now with the kids. Or maybe two for your bedroom as well? :)

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp


  • Jar (It should be wide enough, like a pickle jar, for a small click light to fit inside.)
  • Aluminum foil pan
  • LED Stick-on Light
  • Scissors
  • Awl
  • Spoon
  • Sharpie pen


DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

Cut a long rectangle from the foil pan, which would fit into your jar. It should be wide enough to reach the cover of the jar, and long enough to fit around inside. Flatten it down with a spoon.

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

Draw the constellations with a sharpie on the rectangle, and poke it with an awl to make the stars. The sharpie will make it possible for the kids to see the constellations more easily.

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

Make more holes around the constellations. Try to make them smaller than the holes of the constellations.

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

Roll the foil so that it fits just right inside the jar. You can hold the circle in its place by cutting two tabs at the ends and folding them in opposite directions.

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

Place it inside the jar, turn the LED on and put it at the center inside the foil. Cover the jar.

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

Ah, relaxing!

Source: Design Mom



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