18 Creative Paper Roll Activities for Kids

One of the nicest things about being a kid is that it doesn’t take much to make you happy. Give them anything that has their favourites in it, they are happy.  Give them anything to play with, they are happy. It’s always nice to see kids’ eyes light up with the simplest of things, as if they have just seen gold. You don’t need to buy them expensive things to see them smile. With kids, it’s always the thought that counts.

This one is a Halloween project this little girl is obviously enjoying. (from Baby Jungle)Paper Roll Ideas

For the tiny toddlers, paper rolls would make perfect party hats for them. (from Creative Jewish Mom)Paper Roll Ideas

The mom of this boy gave him paper rolls to play with while his sister is out for school.(from Mommy with Selective Memory)Paper Roll Ideas

Which is why some toys with a hundred dollar price tags are unnecessary. Sometimes we can make these toys ourselves and the kids will be as grateful. They would even appreciate that you made it for them. These are the things they will remember, and that matter.

This is better than the small hotwheels which can hurt them. (from kiflieslevendula)Paper Roll Ideas

Building space shuttle like this with them would make the boys happy. (from Mama Smiles)Paper Roll Ideas

Don’t forget airplane toys! (from mollymoo)Paper Roll Ideas

Do a 3-in-1 activity by creating a castle play set or any other theme your kids are interested in – they would be building, crafting and playing pretend. (from Blog Me Mom)Paper Roll Ideas

Enjoy a tea party with them. (from Krokotak)Paper Roll Ideas

Spend the winter with them creating reindeers. (from Creative Playhouse)Paper Roll Ideas

Aside from that, we believe that most of the time the simpler toys offer more benefits for the children. Activities that require them to work and build would make them more satisfied with play time. They love getting involved. They enjoy being trusted with the creation process.

They will be looking for other paper rolls to make their favourite animals. (from kids acitivities)Paper Roll Ideas

Discover the engineers in them with various simple building blocks. (from No Time for Flash Cards)Paper Roll Ideas

Trust and let them help you out on decorating your home with simple activities like this. (from Creative Carmella)Paper Roll Ideas

This calendar you can make with them contains small gifts inside each roll. Perfect idea for Christmas! (from Morning Creativity)Paper Roll Ideas

Halloween bats made by an artsy little girl. (from matsutake)Paper Roll Ideas

It may sound like a bad idea, but this glue gun activity is actually a great way to develop their motor skills. (from Happy Hooligans)Paper Roll Ideas

Paper rolls can also serve as educational tools. Indeed, a lot of toys can be replicated that are as beneficial.

This one deals with number recognition and ordering. (from Learn with Play at Home)Paper Roll Ideas

They are also great materials to learn about animals. (from Do Small Things with Love)Paper Roll Ideas

Or learn shapes. (from The Imagination Tree)Paper Roll Ideas

Maybe you can start teaching them how to read the clock. (from Red Ted Art)Paper Roll Ideas

Paper roll activities are one of the things many kids love playing with. These would make great childhood memories. So start collecting empty tissue rolls and let your kids get creative


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