Is this the future we want for our children?

At Ideas24 we believe that every one of us can make a profound difference… you, him, her, me! If you and I pick up just one piece of plastic per day, over the next 25 years that’s 18,262 pieces that will be recycled rather than left to kill our wildlife and maybe – just maybe, us.

Now imagine if you and I can influence 15 others to do the same. Over the next 25 years you and I and the ‘hims’ and’ hers’ that we influenced, will have collectively removed almost 275,000 pieces of plastic from our environment! And yet all we have done is pick up just ONE piece per day.

My contribution today was a drinking straw. Insignificant in itself, but one part in the big picture.

The next time you think or say, “Somebody should do something about that”, remember that you are a ‘somebody’ and that you can make a huge impact.

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