Popsicle Stick Bombs

Don’t be alarmed, these “bombs” are perfectly safe for kids! We only use the term to give the idea on how they are used/played – you assemble them and throw it at your “enemies”! As far as I know, this has never caused any accident. We used to play them without any safety gear but if you really want to make sure, safety goggles should be enough. 🙂

These popsicle stick bombs are one of the best “toys” I had when I was a kid, and I believe these are great to teach the kids of today. First, because it’s not expensive and the kids can have as many as they want. They can even collect the sticks from the popsicles they ate. This is also a more beneficial kind of play for them because their motor and social skills and strategic thinking are developed during “battles”. Plus, they gain friends or get to bond with their siblings!

Exploding Popsicle Sticks

All you need is 5 popsicle sticks to make one bomb!

Exploding Popsicle Sticks



Exploding Popsicle Sticks

Hold three stick as shown in the picture. The middle one should be on top.

Exploding Popsicle Sticks

Then wedge a 4th stick perpendicular to the middle stick that you are holding. Pinch the three sticks tightly while doing this. The 4th stick should be on top of the middle stick and underneath the side sticks.

Exploding Popsicle Sticks

Wedge the last stick, this time underneath the middle stick and above the side sticks. And you are ready to fire!

The sticks should stay intact when you throw them and “explode” once it gets into contact. Don’t worry if at first the bombs explode during flight. With practice, you’ll discover how to do it right. 🙂


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